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  • Nicky is a life-long resident of Lancaster County and grew up in Manheim. Upon graduation from high school, she attended Bloomsburg University on an athletic scholarship. She graduated in 1997 with an Accounting Degree. From a very young age, Nicky knew she wanted to be a Law Enforcement officer and in 1998 was hired by the Lancaster City Police Department as a patrol officer.


  • During her time at Lancaster City, not only did she excel in patrolling her assigned neighborhood, Nicky was detailed to a special task force - the Drug Suppression Unit - for three years. During those years, her efforts as an undercover officer resulted in well over 200 arrests for prostitution and drug related offenses. Due to the thoroughness of her reports, the vast majority of these defendants pled guilty. In fact, the work of her team was recognized for helping to clean up the Water Street area of Lancaster City and make it more livable for taxpaying citizens. Nicky believes strongly that citizens have a right to live free of the fear of crime. 


  • Further, while assigned to this unit, she participated in an exchange program with the Harrisburg City Police Department. During her seven weeks in Harrisburg, she made 72 different undercover narcotic purchases resulting in the prosecution of 45 suspects.


  • In 2001, Nicky earned a position on the Lancaster County SERT team. This is the Lancaster County SWAT team, which is tasked with high-risk missions like hostage rescue and barricaded gunman situations.  There is a physically and mentally demanding tryout to be accepted onto this team, and she was the first known female SERT Operator in the State of Pennsylvania.


  • Nicky's attention to detail and administrative ability were often recognized. In one case, while on patrol, she observed and subsequently arrested a criminal who hid a handgun behind a dumpster. Because of her precise documentation, this case was accepted as one of the first Project Safe Neighborhood cases for Lancaster City. This is a program that takes regular charges and shifts them to federal court, where hardened criminals can be given longer prison sentences. The suspect was indicted federally and sentenced to 51 months in a federal prison. She was awarded a Commendation for Outstanding Enforcement and Merit. 

  • Nicky also understood the importance of good community relations and was honored with a Police Foundation Award for Excellence for her consistent mentoring of neighborhood youth while patrolling Lancaster City.

  • Despite loving law enforcement, Nicky had always wanted to run her own business. So, in 2007, she left the Lancaster City Police Department and opened her own pet daycare business. She has successfully run this business for over 16 years.  As a small business owner, she developed a broad skill set, including paperwork, operations, and managing personnel.

  • Two years after opening her business, in 2009, Nicky was approached by the Chief of Northwest Regional Police Department and asked to work as a part-time police officer. Because of her love for this work and her community, she agreed and worked in this capacity with NWRPD and served her local community for the past 13 years.

  • During Governor Wolf’s unconstitutional lockdowns, Nicky saw up close as a business owner how important it is to have elected officials at all levels who are actually conservative. Not only did she not close the doors to her business, she kept all of her staff employed and none of them had to file for unemployment. ​

  • Nicky's conservative principles are the guiding force in her home and professional life. Nicky is a strong supporter of the second amendment and the rights provided in the constitution. As a lifelong Conservative Republican Christian, Nicky knows there is nothing more precious than the miracle of life and the freedom to worship. As a mom, and an active volunteer at her children's school -Mount Calvary Christian School – she wants Lancaster County to remain a safe and thriving county that is also fiscally and morally conservative.

  • Nicky serves as Republican committeewoman in her voting district and is the Chairwoman of the Elizabethtown Area Republican Committee and has worked hard on the grassroots level for all of her local candidates. 

  • Nicky has the energy and willingness to be an effective Clerk of Courts. She also has all of the skills necessary to effectively and efficiently maintain accurate criminal records for both the courts and citizens of Lancaster County. She knows what the office does and understands the criminal justice system. And, she shares the conservative values of the Republican voters in Lancaster County. 



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