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Josh Parsons & Ray D'Agostino

Lancaster County Commissioners

We endorse Nicky Woods for Clerk of Courts because we need to elect a conservative that will bring back competence and confidence to the office.


As a small business owner, former police officer and Republican leader, Nicky not only has the experience and skills needed to effectively manage the Clerk’s office but has a record of exemplary service in protecting our community. As a dedicated public servant, she will lead by example.


These are qualities that will lead to continuing Republican victory in the general election.

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Tom Jones

PA State Representative- 98th District

I endorse Nicky Woods for Clerk of Courts because I know she is the true Lancaster County conservative. Nicky is an incredibly strong leader who will restore competence and confidence to the office.


As a former police officer, current small business owner and Republican leader, Nicky has the experience needed to manage the Clerk’s office. She has a proven conservative record of serving and protecting our community. As a dedicated wife and mother of twins, as well as a trusted public servant, she knows how to lead by example.


Nicky is a patriot who fights to preserve our conservative leadership in Lancaster County, and she is the pinnacle of excellence to do just that as Clerk of Courts.

Dave Zimmerman

PA State Representative- 99th District

Nicky Woods is a former law enforcement officer and small business owner who has served her community honorably for over 23 years.

As a life-long resident of Lancaster County, Nicky worked undercover with the county’s Drug Suppression Unit and became the first female operator on the Lancaster County SERT team.

Nicky is the chair of the Elizabethtown Republican Committee where she has led the committee as a model of conservative success. She is a proven conservative Republican who is committed to the values of faith, family, community, hard work, honesty, and transparency.

Nicky has my full endorsement to become the next Lancaster County Clerk of Courts.

Chris Leppler

Lancaster County Sheriff

As Sheriff of Lancaster County, I am dedicated to upholding our justice system throughout every level of its jurisdiction. Exemplary leadership within the Clerk of Courts office is vital to maintaining accurate criminal records for both the courts and the citizens of Lancaster County. Without it, criminals have free reign to abuse and manipulate our system of justice with no apparatus of accountability.


Nicky Woods has honorably served Lancaster County with over 20 years of law enforcement experience and throughout her career, has continually demonstrated her exceptional understanding of the inner workings of the legal system. She has received numerous awards and accommodations for her extremely detailed work within several Lancaster County police departments.


Nicky's law enforcement experience, coupled with her small business leadership and Elizabethtown Area Republican Committee Chair management is an unbeatable skill set that will serve her well as the next Clerk of Courts. As your Sheriff, I daily work hand in hand with our local justice system and am proud to support Nicky as the most qualified candidate to serve our county as Clerk of Courts.

Pennsylvanians for Freedom

Pennsylvanians for Freedom is pleased to announce its endorsement of Nicky Woods for Lancaster County Clerk of Courts.


Nicky Woods has dutifully served the Lancaster County community with over 20 years of law enforcement experience which includes earning a position as the first woman on the prestigious Lancaster County SERT team. She has also successfully run her own small business for the past 16 years.


Rachel Moyer, founder and director of Pennsylvanians for Freedom, adds that Nicky’s leadership as the Chairwoman of the Elizabethtown Area Republican Committee has proven her ability to revitalize and effectively organize leaders in the community. She stated: “Nicky Woods unique level of experience within the local law enforcement agencies, as well as her small business leadership, creates a dynamic set of skills that will be vital to successfully running the Clerk of Courts office. She is a dedicated public servant with a proven track record of conservative achievements. Pennsylvanians for Freedom is proud to endorse Nicky Woods for Lancaster County Clerk of Courts.

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